basically i have given up
sexy girl, bikini, babe
havent seen much action or interest in the group in awhile for the i have essentially been inactive for awhile.

The basic premise of my slut buying game has been developed
sexy girl, bikini, babe
i created a community to work on the details & possibly eventually, house the game.
you must request permission to join.

still internetless
sexy girl, bikini, babe
No internet still.

Just sneaking a couple mins to check & see what new messages i have.
probably next week before i get my internet back.

sexy girl, bikini, babe
i make a couple posts, join a couple 15 messages.

Sorry everyone, will take a few days to wade thru you all.
so dont be alarmed if i dont reply back asap.

joined a few groups
sexy girl, bikini, babe
With any luck joining a few groups will draw a bit more attention to my currently unknown profile *fingers crossed*

thinking of an idea for group.
maybe something where people can buy/trade/rent girls (profiles of course.)
someone can make a post, others can bid on her...and the winner can decide what to do with her.
he can use her himself, or trade her to someone else, or make her do things for others etc.
i have worked on this idea in the past, but never get past the planning stages.
ideas/help would be appreciated.

Day 2 here..and so far, nothing happening
sexy girl, bikini, babe
Well...not even a peep. i am wondering if anyone can even see my posts or whatnot.

if it doesnt pick up by the weekend, i may have to quit this place lol.

certainly theres a few others into bdsm type activities out there who might want to at least poke around & see what i am all about lol.


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